NCAA Football: The 10 Most Lopsided Rivalries in the BCS Era

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NCAA Football: The 10 Most Lopsided Rivalries in the BCS Era

In college football, being up-ended by a rival carries a stronger sting and lingers longer than almost any other loss during a hard fought season.

It doesn’t matter if it is a close game or a blow out. This outcome leaves you with the feeling that you were just violated in an extremely uncomfortable place (…and I’m not talking about in the back seat of a Volkswagen).

Outside of the obvious fact that this loss hurts your team during its current season, the defeat at the hands of a rival has a set of legs that will not stop running until the next time these two teams meet.

Finding yourself underneath the thumb of the winning side is never a pleasant position.

A loss to a rival could be the only blemish a team suffers during a Championship season, but the winning side will always have the perfect response -“Oh Yeah, well guess who won the last Big Game!”

And no matter how you try to respond to that, the loser of this rivalry game knows that the defeat does actually hurt them somewhere deep inside.

Rivalries all come down to who has done the best head-to-head. Trophies and awards are put aside and the long-standing grudge between the two teams permeates.

However, it is not uncommon for rivalries to lose the spark that past generations were lucky enough to experience.

Since the induction of the BCS era back in 1998, several high-profile rivalries are so unbalanced that the glimmers of these once-heated contests are quickly fizzling.

Here is a list of the ten most lopsided rivalries in NCAA College Football’s BCS era with predictions to which teams might break their current trends.

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