Ryan Hollweg Traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs For Fifth-Round Pick

Ben CecilCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2008

The Toronto Maple Leafs acquired Ryan Hollweg from the New York Rangers for a fifth-round pick in 2009. The pick was originally part of the deal with Pittsburgh for Hal Gill.

Hollweg, arguably one of the worst players in the NHL, has amassed a whopping 12 points in his three years in the NHL. Known more as an "enforcer" or a "fighter", most people's issues with Hollweg come from the fact that he is bad at fighting and more often than not misses checks and runs himself into the boards.

This was a steal for the Rangers and yet another poor move for the Leafs. Maybe he'll turn it around in Toronto. Or maybe he'll continue to be a drain on someone's pocketbook. Either way, Hollweg will get paid, when he really shouldn't.