NFL Fans:1, Shaun Alexander:0

Tom JacksonCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2008

It is days away from the start of training camps across the NFL. And Shaun Alexander is still wandering in the unemployment office. While the fans are starting to praise the criminal Pacman Jones and his future with the Dallas Cowboys, Shaun Alexander has turned into everyone's favorite punching bag. Fans all over are taking shots at the former Seahawks standout as if he kicked wide right in the remaining seconds of the Super Bowl.

Here's a guy who is tied for 7th all time in rushing touchdowns and is just under 10,000 career rushing yards. Alexander carried his team to a Super Bowl, running for 95 yards on 20 carries against a Pittsburgh Steelers defense that was the best of the best in the league. And yet, he's been regarded as "too soft" or a "me-first" player. Last I checked, Shaun ran on a partially broken foot for the 2006 season. After returning from it, he ran for 201 yards on a snowy Monday night victory against the Packers. He has been donated to various charities. Shaun has also been very respectful of his teammates, never having gotten into a locker room brawl with one of them, such as Terrell Owens.

I hope Shaun signs with a new team. I hope he shows everyone he is still a good running back. Unfortunately, he probably will never get that chance again.

He most likely will be thrusted into a complementary role. But if he can play for a couple more years and pick up at least 571 more yards, he will have 10,000 career rushing yards. If he can get 11 more rushing touchdowns, he will be 4th all time in that category. These feats are realistic. Those numbers, and the fact that he was probably the second best running back in his era will get him into the hall of fame. And when he is inducted, I would like to see that everyone will be remembering him as "Mr. Touchdown" rather than a player who was "too soft".