Anderson Silva Unbeatable?

Charles McHenryContributor IApril 11, 2010

Could it be that Anderson Silva is simply unbeatable? I have been closely following his career since he joined the UFC, and not only is he unbeaten but no one has even come close. Last night 4-10-10 I watched Silva defend his Middle Weight title for the 6th time against Demian Maia. Sitting on the couch at my brother’s house I immediately saw a weakness in Maia. He wanted the fight to go to the ground. Are you kidding me?!! You have a chance to take the middle weight championship belt home, and your plan is to coax the reigning defending champion into a ground fight? Really? Maybe Maia thought Silva would indulge him like he did Travis Lutter, and spend at least some part of the match on the mat. Wrong! Silva is hands down the best striker I have ever seen, and he’s not so bad on the ground either. For evidence of that just YouTube his fights against Forrest Griffin (who is a bad dude) and Chris Leben. Both of those guys attempted to stand with Silva, and they both got KO'd. The previously mentioned Travis Lutter fight in which Silva humored him with some ground fighting ended with Lutter in a figure 4 leg lock and elbows raining down on his skull. So why can't these guys beat him? Simple. All of these guys that Silva has destroyed while holding the belt, have entered the ring with some strategy or plan in mind. That may fly against most fighters, but not Anderson. You cannot get into the ring with that man thinking "I'm gonna......". If you want to ground and pound chances are he simply wont allow you to take him down, and while you’re taking shots at his legs your also taking shots in the face. If anyone has plans on taking that belt from Silva their going to have to be an outstanding striker AND have outstanding ground skills. Anyone else with one skill set is only taking the fight for the pay day. Remember, Silva is the champ. It's up to his opponents to set the pace and TAKE the belt, and I can't see that happening anytime soon.