Apparently Dana White REALLY Doesn't Want BJ Penn at Welterweight

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Apparently Dana White REALLY Doesn't Want BJ Penn at Welterweight
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No way, absolutely no way. Lets make this short but sweet. Apparently, Bj Penn is no Lyoto Machida. Machida, the champ, gets a gift of a judges decision after in my eyes clearly losing his fight with Shogun Rua.

Spring forward to April 10, 2010, Abu Dhabi for UFC 112: Invincible. BJ Penn easily takes round one and two from Frank Edgar, and then I think, he takes 3 as well, and 4 is a draw. Seal it up, he retains his title in a lackluster defense.

But wait, in an absolutely attrocious scoring decision by the judges, they give the fight to Frank Edgar 50-45, 49-46, and 48-47.

HUH?!?! There is not a chance in hell that Frank Edgar won all five rounds of that fight. Let alone four. Hell, let alone 3. The belt is around the waste of the wrong person today, and I think deep down everybody knows it.

Dana White has stated before, that he wishes BJ would just stay at Lightweight, and not continue to chase his dreams at Welterweight. Well, with BJ no longer being the champ, Dana gets his wish, and its looking more and more like BJ will spend the rest of his career at the 155 pound division.

Somebody in the UFC offices got their wish last night, and yet again a rightful UFC champion is screwed out of his title by the judges. There must be an mma scoring system put in place because frankly, The Answer, is that these judges, must have been watching a different fight than everyone else.

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