Orton In WHC Pursuit?

Matt GuyettContributor IApril 11, 2010

After watching this past week's Raw something hit me. Something unexpected could happen. 

Could we see Randy Orton thrown into the World Heavyweight Championship contention? 

Recently on wwe.com theyre has been a recent poll saying who is the most deserved superstar for a World Heavyweight Championship match at Extreme Rules and Orton is involved. Now, im not saying he will be in a 1-on-1 contest with Swagger but also with Edge or Jericho involved thus meaning that if Orton does claim the title he will join SmackDown. 

Im am not insisting that Orton will be involved in this but answer this who has Orton after Wrestlemania feuded with lately? Answer absolutely none except mid-card matches which he has excelled and mostly against Swagger so how interesting is this concept. 

Edge and Orton after this match neither win the title but re-unite as Rated RKO and are a face tag team. This could definitely put the tag team division back in its place. 

What you think?