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Songs That Describe the NFL Teams

I think it's time to have a little fun.  I need total fan participation on this one. 

I have come up with some songs that describe certain NFL teams.  Some are funny, some serious, and some completely biased based on my particular team affiliation.  As comments are posted, I will update the teams with songs that you have put. Remember, this is supposed to be fun.

Raiders: Disturbed, Indestructible (told you I was biased)

Patriots: Carey Underwood, Before He Cheats

Falcons: Who Let the Dogs Out

Giants: Do You Believe In Magic, Old McDonald's Theme

49ers: It's Raining Men

Rams: Mary had a Little Lamb

Browns: Cleveland Rocks, Drew Carey Theme

Saints: Marilyn Manson, sAINT

Chargers: AC/DC, Thunderstruck (thanx Jordan)

Packers: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Freebird (thanx Caleb)

Let's see if we can get all 32 teams.

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