Go Away Brett Favre

Deno GellepesContributor IJuly 14, 2008

After an illustrious career filled with numerous interceptions that resembled those of an erratic high school quarterback, you have once again crawled back into our lives, Brett.

Only this time, before throwing more interceptions, you have chosen to bring everyone that supported you in the past down a notch. These people, of course, being the fans, Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, the fans, Aaron Rodgers, and the fans. You even [sic] around your number one fan, the media.

You see, we've all had to endure your southern boy charm that the media has blown up for way too long. We all cried for you when you were battling an addiction to "painkillers"... (i.e. Tylenol PM).

We all had aching hearts for you after a bad string of deaths in the family. That is, except when your wife's second cousin died and your mailman slipped into a coma. Those things just mentioned have nothing to do with your playing...no matter what Trey Wingo thinks.

Why not save the stupid crying routine and actually run off into the sunset. Go sit in your trailer out in desolate Mississippi. Actually spend some time with your hot wife instead of performing the staged hugs on Monday Night Football.

In other words, Stop Cheating on Deanna, Brett!

She's a good woman and she was by your side when you battled the ultimate...your "drinking problem" from the 90's that consisted of the woeful two beers a night.

Shut the [sic] up, you haven't seen a real drinking problem until you're a fan who has to watch all of this bullshit unfold year after year. You make me sick, Favre. Why don't you just step away for good and allow Aaron Rodgers to take over a team that is one good quarterback away from the Superbowl.

Go away Brett Favre!