Randy Orton: The New Face Of WWE

Jeff TerryContributor IApril 10, 2010

Now is time for the real "Age of Orton" to begin. He is over with the older audience and getting more over week by week. Time to promote him through the roof he has a heel persona. They need to not change his character because it is working so just keep building on it. John Cena might be over with the young fans but most of the mature fans can't stand him. That is why make them both the faces of the company. Cena for the young fans and Orton for the older fans. On Draft night in a few weeks you gotta keep Orton on Raw. But moving him to Smackdown will probably be what happens making Orton the face of Smackdown.

WWE must keep Orton and Cena on same show I think it takes some heat off Cena as well. Being only 30 years old he still has a bright future. The face turn I believe was not planned and Orton probably didn't want it. But the fans have spoken and hard to keep a guy a heel when he is getting a biggest pop of the night. Not sure if he will be a full fledged face more of a Stone Cold like. Do whatever he wants RKO faces or heels and still a pop for it.

Orton has the anti-hero gimmick like Austin(yet I hate keep comparing it to Austin) that WWE has needed for some time. A gimmick that can help WWE increase ratings and fan base. A face turn for Orton is what WWE really needs to kinda freshen up things. Now its time for WWE to get 100% behind him and make some money off him.

I am thinking this face turn could be really effective. Especially with HBK now gone from WWE this might be much needed. I am wondering when we will get the first long promo from Orton since his " official" face turn.I am excited to see where they go from here with Orton. When I go to Raw April 26th for the WWE Draft will tell a lot of what WWE has in store for Orton.