Twins Right Up There With The Best

Jacob ClarkContributor IApril 10, 2010

Are Twins far from the World Series? No, they most certainly aren't. The Twins should win there division, and are starting off hot, and will hopefully keep it up. The Twins are the all around best team in the AL Central. With the best batting, best defense, and pretty good pitching. With Liriano just getting better and better, he should be the Twin number #2 and maybe #1 in no time. Twins first three pitchers would then be Liriano, Blackburn, and Pavano. Thats pretty good for any team.

With Cuddyer staying healthy, and the addition of Jim Thome that gives the Twins the power they have lacked. Then adding J.J. Hardy, and Orlando Hudson gives us a real shortstop and second basemen, even though Orlando Cabrera did fine last year at short.

Twins made the playoffs last year, but got beat by the World Champs, Yankees. If the Twins would of played any other team first, I think we would of meet the Yanks later in the Playoffs, we would of had the coincedefince to win. But maybe not?

 With the addition the twins have made they are contenders again, and i see them being the Winners of AL Central, and in the next couple years, if not this year, the Twins going to the World Series!