Jason Pierre-Paul Should Be On The Dolphins Radar

Colin McGrawContributor IIApril 11, 2010

The Dolphin's should seriously consider DE/OLB: Jason Pierre-Paul. Now that Porter and Taylor (looks like it) are gone Miami needs both these positions filled. Obviously OLB is more important, but a fast DE could only benefit the Dolphins, who are trying to make they're defense faster.


Jason Pierre-Paul has been bashed down for his just recent success. I say, so? If a guy can improve so quickly that he makes such an impact on team in 1 year, just imagine how the NFL trainers and coaches can improve the guy. Jason is an athletic freak and with guidance towards the right style of play he can only improve.


Jason Pierre-Paul I feel will be a leader in the coming years. On and off the field. He grew up poor, but his mother supporting him, got him to college and Jason stayed in college all the way until he got his degree. He appreciates his education and has his head in the right spot. He is smarter than DUI's or Drugs. He will just set a image for the Dolphins organization.


The Miami Dolphins do have other needs such as WR, NT, S, etc. But OLB and DE are both in that group. This guy can play both positions. His motor never stops running and he will only get stronger in the next few years. The Dolphins should pull the trigger if this guy is still available. With Mike Nolan the new Defensive Coordinator he will improve the Defense and give Jason the right road to becoming an All-pro in the next few years. Come on Phins this is who we need to get to the QB and make some plays!


Jason Pierre-Paul just has it all. The right attitude, the size, the athletic ability. Watch this guy excel in the NFL! The Dolphins need this guy to have a real shot at the playoffs and possibly superbowl.