Joe Gibbs and Weasel Kyle Busch Make for Dubious Dynasty

Brian FisherContributor IJuly 14, 2008

That time of the NASCAR season has hit full swing. Silly Season, the annual dance of drivers and owners. Who goes where? Who hires who? Who hates where they are at? A never-ending soap opera.

If anyone says they can't believe Smoke would leave JGR, they are lying. The rumors of Smoke leaving have been circling since that weasel Kyle Busch joined JGR. Tony was and is the star of Joe Gibbs Racing, and with the spotlight on the weasel now, Tony's ego took a hit.

Who can blame him for leaving? JGR is starting to ignore Denny Hamlin as well.

Stewart-Haas Racing will be a contender from the get-go without question. Ryan "The Rocket" Newman has officially announced that he will pilot the other car in the stable, and this duo will be dangerous on the track.

A two-time cup champion and a driver who is very familiar with the pole. How can they go wrong? Especially since they are both going to be in Chevys.

JGR has the history of winning championships. There's no question they have the right stuff. But with The Weasel being the star of that group, Coach Gibbs should be seen in a dark light. He can't contain The Weasel.

Granted, he is a skilled driver. Some have even compared him to Dale, Sr. The difference is Dale, Sr. earned the respect of other drivers from the start of his career. The Weasel has almost zero respect from other drivers, especially the veterans.

What I would like to see is how The Weasel will be after he wins a championship. Look at his brother Kurt "The Skunk" Busch. Drunk driving and pissing off a cop in the toughest county in the country!

The Weasel should race against Jimmy Spencer and see how that plays out. That would be a great pay-per-view event!