UFC 112 Pay-per-View Play-by-Play: Terry Etim (14-2) vs. Rafael dos Anjos (13-4)

Mike SContributor IApril 10, 2010

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1st round

This lightweight scrap is underway with ref, Goddard, starting them. Etim paces after the Brazilian. Etim connects with a couple kicks, one high and one low. Etim uses a front kick to get some seperation. 

Dos Anjos rushes in for the takedown and gets caught up in a guillotine attempt by Etim. Etim has the choke, but dos Anjos is surviving. Etim is struggling to hold onto the choke. Dos Anjos is scrambling and gets out of the choke and into Etim’s guard. Dos Anjos passes into side mount and begins connecting with knees to the body of Etim.  Goddard gets him back up and warns for illegal strikes.  Dos Anjos just misses with a head kick and then clinches with Etim. 

Etim put dos Anjos on his back and works to get into his guard. Etim scrambles into dos Anjos’ guard where he gets tagged with a couple of head punches. Etim is working hammer fists to dos Anjos. Dos Anjos connects with a couple strikes from the bottom and transitions into a submission attempt as the 1st round ends.

Unofficial Scoring – Etim 10-9