Sure You're Ready For Ron Wilson?

Steve TerryAnalyst IJuly 14, 2008

Ron Wilson is one of the best coachs you could get in the league today. His approach to the players on his team is always with deap care for them to be the best hockey players they can be.

Ron Wilson just finished a poor run with the San Jose Sharks in the playoffs in 2008. But it was not such a bad run for them at all (reaching the second round). With little change over the last few years for the Sharks, the Shark organization thought it should make a small change in the dismissal of Ron Wilson. (a strategy move to take pressure of the GM)

Wilson has a great record in his career. Each of his teams starting with bad records and turning into much better winning records with the progression of time... specifically with San Jose. In the last four years with the sharks... Wilson has had a either 1st or 2nd place finishes in his conference. (much unlike what we are used to with the Leafs)

I'm telling you now... we will have a much better winning record with the Leafs this year. But HOW...? This seems to be the question.

These wins will come from the style of coaching that Ron Wilson uses. Ron Wilson is stickler on defense. His team is built around defense... and of course... on that dirty four-letter word....  The "Trap"!

Yes! Winning will come with a price. This means boring hockey and low scoring games. There will be a lot of middle ice hockey, which we are not used to seeing.

The question is... Are you ready to see this kind of hockey? The Leafs will will improve their record and might actually make the playoffs this year... Is it going to be still fun to watch?

Are you sure you are ready to watch the coaching styles of Ron Wilson?