UFC 112: Why Anderson Silva Is an Alien and Can Fight at Any Weight

Sam NassarCorrespondent IApril 10, 2010

Anderson “The Spider” Silva is without a doubt one of the top fighters to ever compete in mixed martial arts.  Silva seems to fight with a focus and determination not of this world. 

His past has been shrouded in secrecy. At a young age he was adopted by godparents who then raised him. 

Does this sound familiar to anyone? 

Like his alien counterpart “Clark Kent”, Silva blended in with society and waited for a chance to showcase his talents in front of the world.

This talented alien chose to make fighting his craft, and since he’s started, he has dazzled fans all over the world with his skills.  Silva dominated in Muay Thai and quickly made it to MMA where we were captivated. 

Many signals have been given to suggest that Silva is not of this world. 

His secret origin and the fact that his favorite dance is the moonwalk are both strong suggestions that he is an extraterrestrial.

Silva’s approach to fighting has always been interesting.  In the beginning, he just wanted to be aggressive and perform.  Later, he wanted to go a step further and attempt to win every round convincingly. 

Silva often went for the challenge—such as standing with a world-class striker like Rich Franklin or attempting to submit difficult opponents such as Travis Luter and Dan Henderson.

Astounding performances have been the staple in Silva’s fights. Two examples of this—the fight with Chris Leben saw Silva connecting 100 percent and submitting Dan Henderson which nobody could do before.

The talented alien was still not satisfied and sought out to add more humans to his trophy case.  Silva then moved up to light-heavyweight and put the “Sandman” James Irvin to sleep with a single punch to the face. 

With yawns, Silva still seeks to challenge himself in the human sport of MMA. 

With so much debate currently as to whom the best pound-for-pound fighter is, Silva seeks to make it easy for us.  Rather than make us scratch our heads, Silva wants to make it easier for us humans.  

Silva has now expressed interest in “fighting the best in any weight class”. He has expressed interest in welterweight, as well as heavyweight, to seek out the best fights possible. 

It is easy to see Silva saying, “Oh, that’s the new star? Well, not anymore, HA HA.” 

Every fighter in the UFC should upgrade their insurance carrier due to Silva being open to moving up and down in weight class. 

Silva recently stated on the UFC 112 countdown, “I am always working to get better and better.” That is a scary notion considering his accolades.   

Every fight fan asks the question, "Who can beat Anderson?" Now the fighters will have to ask themselves the same question.  The current middleweight champ laid down his plans.   

“My plan is to finish my career in the UFC undefeated, defeat some of the world's top fighters in all different weight classes, and then people will remember you forever.” 

So if you see the talented Brazilian champion on the street, your only hope of surviving is to call the Men in Black because anything short of a Noisy Cricket can’t threaten this alien.