Kansas City Chiefs- Why Would Clausen Be Our Guy?

Jacob ClarkContributor IApril 9, 2010

The Kansas City Chiefs, i think are not going to grab Clausen, not even a thought! Chiefs have Cassel, so he didn't have a break out season, what QB would with the way the Chiefs played most of the season? I don't even think Tom Brady could make a winning team with the way the Chiefs played most of last year.
People are saying that we need Clausen, because if Cassel doesn't pan out, who are we going to have?! Well if Cassel doesn't do good that means we are still going to be a losing team next year, am i right( most likely)? So with that being said why can't we wait another year for a QB, and get the #1 overall QB at the beginning of Mock Drafts this year in Jake Locker before he decide to stay for a senior season.
But Clausen knows Weis scheme and they can reunite and play like they did in Notre Dame! No!, this isn't Notre Dame. Sure Weis has made some changes, but it isn't going to be what Notre Dame ran. So Clausen doesn't know the plays already like some think! All they have is being reunited. And that means nothing in the NFL!
Locker is the better of the two, and is possible better then Bradford. So why should we waste the #5 overall pick on a kid we might not need?? Next year we will know if we need a new QB, and we can get a better one then we can this year!
Maybe i am looking at this all wrong, but why not pick someone we need and if we do need a QB next year, get the best one even if it means waiting a year. New starters are going to help this team, Bench warmers aren't doing much. What is a plus to grabbing Clausen other then we have a good back-up?