Why Is Carols Silva Still Pitching in The Majors?

Jason KimCorrespondent INovember 6, 2016

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Carols Silva was once known as a pitcher that had maybe the best control for a pitcher anyone has ever seen: better than HOFs and Greg Maddux and so on.

Not anymore. He lost his control in his final years as a Twin. Minnesota gave him a chance as they thought he just had a down year. But no, he still had an ERA of 4.19. So Seattle ends up signing him, desperate for pitching but he once proves again he can't pitch like the way he used to, going 4-15 with an ERA over 6.00.

But why would the Cubs want Carlos Silva? Seattle won this deal, acquiring Milton Bradley, a bat they needed for a pitcher that they didn't want. 

He hasn't had a solid season in years, he just adds the money total to the budget of teams.

He lost his control.

This is his probably the last time he can prove himself.

But how is he still pitching in the Majors?

Why would the Cubs get a pitcher to a ballpark where baseballs fly everywhere?

To me, and probably others, this does not make any sense what so ever.