What Did It Take For Al To Finally Look For A QB This Spring?

jeremy barilCorrespondent IApril 9, 2010

Why have the Raiders suddenly decided to delve into looking for a QB via trade or possibly the draft? Something must've happened to force Al Davis into looking elsewhere. 

What happened? I expect Al Davis was anticipating JaMarcus Russell showing up to the offseason workouts in much better shape. Willie Brown stated Russell had been working out and his weight loss would be obvious once he showed up for offseason workouts. Obviously Russell didn't show up in the shape the team expected him to be. 

Al Davis reportedly is being told by people in his inner circle to start looking at dropping him because he's partying like there's no tomorrow and he's still 290. Because of this it's been rumored Raiders Head of College Scouting John Kingdon is watching a ton of tape on Jimmy Clausen. 

Obviously as fans we all know Russell is the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, looking for heart. What finally tipped the melting on Al Davis deciding to look for a QB? 

For all of those who still defend JaMarcus Russell, you have to wonder why Al Davis who has stayed with him this whole time is finally looking elsewhere? 

I don't think his weight, lifestyle, and heart can be defended anymore and even Al finally gave up. Al will keep him until the season starts in hopes of trading him if he doesn't get his ass in gear, but I expect Al to either draft Jimmy Clausen or trade for Jason Campbell to compete with Bruce and maybe even Russell for the starting QB spot. If Russell loses out and doesn't improve he's gone.