Should Hideki Matsui Come Back To The New York Yankees???

Emilio TaverasContributor IApril 9, 2010

    Look my boy Hideki should come back to the Yankees. Hello he helped us win the world series with like 8 home runs and 20 RBI's.I could understand that he has a bad knee but he can still bat like crazy.Two me he shouldn't have been traded to the Los Angeles Angels.

     What i find weird of him is that he stays 7 years in a baseball team then he moves on to the next one.Like in 1993 he played for the Yomiuri Giantsand he stopped playing for them in 2003.Which that same year he moved on to the great New York Yankees and revently stopped playing for them last year (2009).But now he's playing the Angles.What is this.

   He should have stayed playing for the Yankees all along.To me the Yankees  shouldn't worry about money they should worry about how good there players are. Like right now I don't know why but there signing young players like (Rookies) for no reason.The Yankees should have left Matsui and Damon on the team. For Damon I understand he doesn't have an arm but he can bat like an veteran.

   Sometimes good players like Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira cant bat but Brett Gardner can.Talking about Brett Gardner he's an outstanding runner for the New York Yankees.  

      But sometimes you have to let good and bad players go.Like we did with many players this and last year