Paula Creamer deserves live TV.. PS so does Giada De Laurentiis

J Pat DyerAnalyst IJuly 14, 2008

Creamer deserves more coverage and I am willing to watch

The weekend sports had it's ups and downs. The biggest down being;  classless Kyle Busch sweeping both Chicagoland races. The biggest up being; Paula Creamer and her sexy little white skirt holding off the competition at the Owens Corning Jamie Farr Classic presented by Krogers ( I love the name!). I swear if they would of mentioned her grip on the shaft  or her excellent ball play one more time I would of made the kids leave the room. I do not understand how the announcers say those things without snickering.

It was Kyle's seventh win on the Sprint circuit and his fifth Nationwide win. Someone needs to start beating him before I give up watching NASCAR. Now back to golf. I know I have beat this horse unmercifully but how can ESPN/ABC Sports be so stupid as to show anything but women's golf Sunday?

They obviously had rights to the tournament. They own cameras. Why not show the whole fourth round of Creamer live? With Tiger Woods injured, there are millions of golfing fans searching for a hero. What better traits in a hero than a toned body and a sexy smile? Tiger maybe Superman on the links but Paula is quickly becoming Wonder Woman.

So lets be truthful for a moment.

How many of us watched Wonder Woman - not because she fought evil - but because she looked great in shorts? I know I was one.

So ESPN, if you don't want to show us Paula Creamer bending over puts in short skirts, put on another episode of Arlis and let a network who wants ratings broadcast the LPGA.

Think about it.

Even the Food Network knows men don't watch  Giada De Laurentiis or Rachel Ray just for their cooking skills.