Paula Creamer was worth waiting for

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Paula Creamer was worth waiting for
ESPN may not think Paula Creamer was worth watching live but I do. They showed the fourth round play at the Owens Corning Classic Jamie Farr presented by Krogers on about a two hour delay. They also, only, showed us the back nine play of the leaders. To add insult to injury it was on the Deuce.

The geniuses at ESPN don't realize, they may have had an opportunity to dominate a slow sports day, with what perhaps could be the most marketable active athlete in the world.

Paula Creamer with her All American good looks and great play is a money machine waiting to be played. With Tiger hurt and NASCAR running last night it gave ESPN a opening to make the machine pay off big.

Did they take advantage? NO!!!

Did Paula make them pay? YES!!!

She won the tournament which was made for her. The Owens Corning people make pink fiberglass and their trademark mascot is the Pink Panther. The Pink Panther is Paula's nickname. Could it be better for TV?

Now let's get to the important stuff. Paula Creamer shot a two over 73 and won the tournament by two stokes over Nicole Castrale - who was seven under for the day.

Congratulations Paula.

Now the real important stuff. Paula Creamer was a golfing fantasy today. She wore a pink polo shirt with a pink ribbon and matching baseball style hat. Not bad, but her white skirt made men drool.

When she was walking, her muscular legs flexing, her calves slightly moist with a glistening sweat, it was all I could, to keep from licking the television screen. I don't even want to get into her hip turn, actually I dream of getting into her hip turn, or I'll need a cold shower.

On the fifteenth, the announcer said "Paula is up around the knob and when she gets it closer to the hole she will have to speed it up". I dropped my freezer pop straight into my tequila. Then on the seventeenth he said "if she gets it up over the mound she will get it into the hole". I dropped my tequila into my coffee!

I didn't realize how sexual this game is. Today it was better than Cinemax and I will take Paula Creamer over Shannon Tweed any day of the week.

ESPN better get their heads out of their butts and realize what they have before another network sees the possibilities.

I will watch who ever shows the hottie in pink live. I don't care if it's the History Channel.

ESPN one more think, you dolts. When Paula Creamer is jumping up and down, to shake her nerves, don't switch cameras to Karrie Webb. Karrie Webb hasn't been worth watching since she switched to the long, old lady shorts. Paula may be closer to Keira Knightley than Pam Anderson but she still has plenty to watch bounce.

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