Darren Sharper and T.O. to Detroit Lions?

Jayceon CarterContributor IApril 9, 2010

Before you go off, it is just a thought of mine. Don't ask why, ask why not.

Burrleson is not a No. 2 WR. I'm sorry, he just isn't. T.O is past his prime, I will give you that, but he is a major upgrade from what we have. He could take some major pressure off Calvin, who in my mind is or could be the best wideout in the NFL.

I think we should front-load a two-year contract for T.O and get most of the money out of the way in the uncapped year.

As for Darren Sharper, everyone must be crazy! I can't belive this guy is still on the market. He led the NFL in picks last year—he probably had more than our whole team combined. He would be a great mentor to Delmas.

I know these guys are old but, let's face it: we need to win and win now these two vets have a lot of wins under their belts. Plus, T.O. learned how to act in Buffalo last year. Let's make the moves!