Brett Favre Saga: A Tormented Fan

Francois GendronSenior Writer IJuly 14, 2008

Brett Favre announced his retirement through a press conference a few months ago, but asked the NFL to put him back on the active players list last week.

The legendary quarterback wishes to play at least for one more season. His dramatic last play in his career (which resulted in an interception during the fifth quarter of this year's NFC Championship) is probably still haunting him. Favre feels that he still can be competitive in the NFL and I personally believe so too.

With the retirement of Favre announced in March, the Green Bay Packers were free to complete their rejuvenation program, which was initiated a few seasons ago. Aaron Rodgers logically became the number one quarterback of the team. With Favre now wanting back in, Packers' general manager Ted Thompson told the press this weekend that they are interested in him but only as a backup for Aaron Rodgers.

Yesterday, around 200 fans gathered at Lambeau Field, shouting ''We want Brett''. Fans Adam and Erick Rolfson launched the website On the site, the fans are asked to vote and leave their opinions about the return of Favre.

The crowd could grow larger as they promised to be back in front of Lambeau every Sunday until Favre is back with the Pack.

I have been a Packers fan since before the Brett Favre era. That team had difficulties and was far from being a contender. Favre's arrival some twenty years ago allowed Green Bay to leave the bottom of its division and become a playoff contender on a regular basis. His strong arm, leadership, and toughness made him my favorite athlete in pro sports.

Should the dispute between the two parties remain as it is, we will most likely see Favre land somewhere in the NFL as the number one quarterback for next season.

As a fan, I am tormented and will be torn in two all season long. I will still root for the Packers but will surely watch Favre.

Worst-case scenario: if they ever face each other next season, who will I go with? The man or the team?

I am a tormented fan.