Martin Havlat Could Be A Possibility For Toronto

Steve TerryAnalyst IJuly 14, 2008

With the Toronto Maple Leafs season "in the air" for the next few years, Toronto needs to sign that player that could still interest their fans. There is just not really to many guys that they could sign.

One big name that is out there that the Leafs could easily sign is Martin Havlat. Why would the Leafs want to sign Havlat? Glad you asked...!

Havlat has four seasons with at least 20 goals. When he and Marrian Hossa were on the Ottawa Senators, Havlat would often outshine Hossa. His talent exceeds most players in the NHL. Also, Havlat is just a young guy at the age of only 26.

So I know... How are the Leafs going to sign Havlat?

The Chicago Blackhawks are over the salary cap right now and need to get rid of a few players. Havlat had a rough few seasons with Chicago and this has made him an expendable asset.

Havlat would be one of those players that the Leafs could really use at this time in the organization. He is the kind of player that will make "show-stopping" plays that will bring fans to their feet.

Hopefully Cliff Fletcher will get on the phone and try to get Havlat... before another team becomes interested.