Ted Thompson, Like Him Or Not, Knows What He is Doing

Adam BayerContributor IIApril 8, 2010

Many people have feelings for Ted Thompson, a feeling of love or embroiled hate. Many people critique Thompson's philosophies and hate him for them.

Granted the Favre-Thompson divorce was about as ugly as it could have gotten, I think it was 100 percent the correct move. We got yet another franchise QB in Aaron Rodgers and it's partly Favre's fault he got traded. 

The Rodgers era was ushered in when Brett called it quits the first time. The keys to the car were handed to Aaron Rodgers and the team was his. When Brett decided to un-retire, Thompson was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

In my opinion, he made the right move. It could have been detrimental to Aaron's career if he was all set on taking the team and Brett was let back in. If that were the case, Aaron might have wanted out of Green Bay and we would be stuck without a QB.

More can be said about Ted's approach to the draft and free agency. Only twice in the last 8 years has Thompson dished out cash to aging free agents from other teams. This seems to have worked out quite well for the Packers (DT Ryan Pickett; Sign extension this year) and (CB Charles Woodson; arguably gets better with age). Although I do think some stop gaps are needed from time to time, the draft is the best way to go. The re-signings of Clifton and Tauscher are perfect examples of able stop gap players. This allows our new tackles that may be taken in the draft to learn behind veterans, just as Rodgers did.

I think it is safe to say that although some things Ted does are questionable, his philosophies are pretty solid. Some examples are Rodgers, Woodson, Pickett, Matthews, Raji, Jennings, Driver, etc. These have been crucial pieces to the Packers success and most have come through the draft.

Ted Thompson knows what he is doing.