Lesson #37

ExtremeRavens .comCorrespondent IApril 7, 2010

Two games in and we’re already at lesson 37, geez. That’s Orioles baseball for ya…

Lesson #37 in Orioles Baseball, 2010:

The ball always finds the guy that’s gimpy. And even if you think a left fielder’s defense doesn’t matter, you’ll soon learn it will.
Goat of the Game goes to Nolan Reimold who deserves a lot of credit for his quick rehab from a torn achilles tendon, but is still showing signs of the injury in almost every move he makes. By my count, Nolan missed two very catchable balls by taking awkward routes and running like Betty White. The second, which Nolan missed by about an inch, cost the Orioles two runs and the lead.

Certainly plenty of blame to pass around in this one, but close games require solid play all the way around. The O’s bats might have been quiet, but their defense was far from sharp.