Pitching to Vlad for Dummies

Tom DessaletCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2006

IconDon't feel bad for Rafael Soriano. He just never got the scouting report on Vlad Guerrero. You don't pitch him down the middle, inside, outside, in the dirt, or up high. You hit him. Before he hits you.

Either you'll be 60 feet- 6 inches away from him on the rubber, or trying to cover 1st on a roller to a shallow right side infield spot. But Vlad will hit you.

A man with no regard for baseball fundamentals, Vlad could hit you in the head with a ball thrown from the warning track of a small ball park, lets say Great American (in Cincy), if you were standing on home plate...in Yankee Stadium. The strength in his throwing arm makes Tom Emanski jealous, and the pop off his bat would make even Jose Canseco green with envy. Imagine a 2nd grade manchild without baseball basics, who can outbench the entire high school football team. Now assuming that 2nd grader has weak command over the english language, he may very well be Vlad. Or Alfonso Soriano, but thats besides the point. The point is...

Don't mess with Vlad.

Or you'll get hit.