With Rex Grossman Back, the Chicago Bears Are Fun Again

JJ SSenior Writer INovember 14, 2007

IconThis has been a bad year for Chicago sports.

Watching the Bulls has been about as fun as watching your dog get hit by a bus.

Cubs fans are still whining about how Carlos Zambrano should have stayed in during Game One of the NLDS, and Sox fans had to sit through one of the most frustrating seasons on the South Side in a long time.

The Blackhawks...well, nobody cares about the Blackhawks.

(Although they should, as Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are two of the most exciting rookies in the NHL.)

And then there are the Bears, who were supposed to be infallible coming into 2007.

Yeah. About that 4-5 record?

Ever since Brian Griese was inserted as the starting QB, the Bears haven't played with the same flair they showed in 2006.

Last year, if Cedric Benson ran for three yards, it was a hard-fought gain. This year, Benson takes three steps, misses an open hole, and falls down like an intoxicated Kyle Orton.

IconI'm tired of watching the Bears play. Maybe it's because I'm here at the University of Missouri, where our football team has yet to score less than 31 points in a game.

But that all changed last Sunday when Griese got hurt and in came Rex Grossman—he of the "F*** it, I'm throwing downfield" fame.

Just like that, things got interesting.

Rex threw a 59-yard TD pass to Bernard Berrian, and suddenly I found myself sitting in my dorm room clapping loudly for the Chicago Bears—something I didn't do even during the Bears' last-second comeback drive against Philadelphia.

Back in September, I NFL-Chicago_Bears-Bears_QB_Crisis_Why_Rex_Grossman_Should_Keep_His_Job-250907">wrote that Rex should have retained his role as the Bears' starter. While I didn't exactly support Grossman at the time, I was no fan of Griese either.

I wrote then that Griese was injury-prone and unreliable. Grossman isn't exactly known for his consistency, but there's a difference between the two quarterbacks:

Grossman is still young.

When the Bears made the initial switch, they still thought they had a chance to win this year. At 4-5, the Bears may still have a shot at making the playoffs—but if Griese stays in as the starter, 7-9 may be the best they can hope for.

With Grossman back under center, on the other hand, Chicago may well go 9-7 and earn a postseason berth.

Granted, there's also a good chance the Bears could fall flat on their faces behind Grossman and finish 6-10. But at least the games would be fun to watch again.

It's always an adventure when Rex drops back to pass—which I don't believe he should be doing in the first place, by the way, as the shotgun better suits Rex's style.

Having Griese leading the Chicago offense made me realize just how monotonous a football game can be. With Grossman in the game, there's at least a chance that something exciting might happen—see the 59-yard TD pass to Berrian.

I've basically given up on the Bears for the year, so anything they accomplish at this point will be a nice little surprise. I'm not going to feel let-down if Grossman loses focus and throws a pick because he's checking out the good-looking lady in the front row.

He's still better than Griese, who'd be more likely to get caught checking out the awesome new wheelchair Grandpa Swerski got for his end-zone seats.

And hey—at least I feel good enough about the Bears to joke again.