The Real Reason TNA Can't Overtake WWE on Monday Nights...

Darrell MaysContributor IApril 7, 2010

The fans!

Yes, the fans are the real No. 1 reason why TNA Impact hasn't drawn a good rating on Monday nights.

Sure, there are many other reasons as well—like too much Hogan and Bischoff airtime, and the fact that Vince Russo's shock value approach is very dated—but in the end, TNA has had some killer matches on Impact since moving to Monday night.

Raw has gotten worse week after week and yet the fans still tune in and fight the urge to flip the channel.

I see so many people crying online that TNA should go back to Thursday night because they find it difficult to watch both shows at the same time. We did it back in the 90's just fine, so deal with it.

The fans have the power to make this a real fight between TNA and WWE. Too many fans who are die-hard WWE fans won't even give TNA a chance. Pro Wrestling will only get hot again with healthy competition. WWE will not improve their product or drop this awful PG format until they are forced to.

I host a weekly radio show on Blog Talk called Inside the Squared Circle . Every week I tell my listeners that it is in their hands to make this all happen. Vince McMahon believes that TNA isn't a threat, and he is right if we continue to ignore that TNA is there on Monday nights.

Remember, if this turns into a real Monday Night war, we as fans are the real winners.

So, next Monday when you settle in to watch Raw, flip the channel and you might be surprised at what you find on Impact. Besides, haven't we ALL had our fill of Hornswoggle?