The Same Old Kansas City Chiefs?

Jacob ClarkContributor IApril 6, 2010

Are the Kansas City Chiefs going to be the same as they have been lately? i think not! The chiefs have all new coaching staff, got some decent free agents and depending on the draft the chiefs can look like in all new team.

The Chiefs have all new Coaching Staff under Scott Pioli. We brought in Charlie Weis, Romeo Crennel, Emmitt Thomas, etc. This experience is going to give the Chiefs what they need to succeed. Not everything one was made to be a head coach but these guys are great coaches in one area.

The Chiefs have gotten active in the Free agency, and thats what the Chiefs Fans have been looking for! Chiefs have pulled in Thomas Jones who will lighten the load for young star Jamal Charles. Ryan Lilja, Wiegmann, etc. these player will help the Chiefs and shows that they think its the inner line that is causing the Chiefs problems not so much Brandon Albert. With the right draft picks this teams can fill lots of big gaps.

This will be the second year the Chiefs have been in the 3-4 Defense and i think it allows all the player to get used to the scheme so all the players have had time to change and get used to it. and With all the staff of Pioli it allows the Chiefs to pick the right player for there defensive scheme

With all this going on it doesn't look like the old Kansas City Chiefs. They are going to be whole new team. And hopefully it will be for the better, and we can once again see the Chiefs in the playoffs, and hopefully in 18th game in a few years