An American Tragedy: The Green Bay Packers' Management

Mike NoffkeCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2008

From the outside looking in, it appears that the Packers' management have lost their minds. Nobody really knows what went on between Brett Favre and management. Brett and the Packers' management either publicly or privately need to apologize to each other and get this over with, in order to move forward so that Brett remains Green Bays' QB.

The Packer management chose the path they are on. They had a million different ways to handle this. They could have been friendly and either accepted him back or have a friendly parting.  Green Bay management got caught up in a pride issue and if you let your pride get in the way you can end up unemployed. I think Green Bay will be wishing and regretting how they handled this for years to come.

The Packers' management provides ego-based excuses and rhetoric, but no actual reason for the hardball tactics when dealing with Favre. People make comments what about Brett Favre's legacy?

To that I say Ted Thompson, McCarthy, and Murphy will be forever remembered in the same breathe as Jerry Glanville. It is clear that Ted Thompson has no respect and doesn't care about Brett Favre's legacy. If he did, he would release him unconditionally or bring him back with open arms as No. 1 QB.

Ted is NOT thinking rationally. His ego has allowed him to bet the future on a QB who has only thrown 59 passes in three years, has never started, and is injury prone. So they committed to Aaron, with the understanding that Brett wasn't coming back. 

Now things have changed.

The hardball tactics by the Packers would make you think Brett Favre committed a felony. Or he pulled something far worse than Terrill Owens could possibly ever do. No one else has ever had the fortitude, skill, and mental or physical toughness to do what Brett has been able to do, with many years of sub-par talent or even with good talent.

Perhaps Brett waffled this spring. All Brett did was change his mind. That is not a crime. The Packers' management thinks of Brett as just another player. Take note if you are a Packers player, I feel bad. Very bad that your management doesn't care about you. You are just a player. Ryan Grant might be wise to hold out.

For 16 years, Favre has averaged 10 wins a season. Heck, he has more wins as a starter than Joe Gibbs or Mike Holmgren has as a coach. More wins than Bud Grant. If I am not mistaken, there are only 10 coaches in the history of the NFL with more wins as a coach than Brett has as a starting QB. And it took them more years then Brett has played.

20 years before Favre arrived, the Packers had two 10-win seasons. Ted Thompson said Brett earned the right to retire on his own terms. Apparently this is not true. Ted Thompson has lied to you and lied to Brett. Maybe Brett did waffle this spring, but how can you blame him, according to the Packers' official statements, he is just a retired player.  

Maybe he didn't want to do all the off season stuff. Neither did Michael Strahan last year. So now Brett has committed, and the Packers' management's ego has lost perspective. Maybe this is how long it takes someone who has experienced 250+ consecutive starts as an NFL QB.

If unsure, find someone who has and ask them. It is arrogant and ignorant for anyone to know or understand the effort and commitment needed to be an NFL QB for 17 years and win 160 as a starter. The New York Giants afforded more class and dignity to Michael Strahan when he changed his mind about retirement last year.

The Packers should follow their lead, after all, they won a Super Bowl. Maybe they know something the Packers' management doesn't.

If taking Favre back hurts Aaron Rodgers, then so be it. If Ted's ability matches his ego, he should have no problem grooming another QB if it comes to that. The Packers need to activate Favre as the starting QB without delay. 

The comments by people negative on Favre are not Packer fans. They are fans for other teams and don't want Brett Favre competing against them. If you were in Brett's shoes, you wouldn't make it in the pros. 

Fans need to make their opinion count: call on all Packers fans, organize Favre rallies, protest, and drop leaflets at Lambeau Field Atrium.  

Show Favre solidarity.  

Buy and place ads in the newspapers stating dates and times for the upcoming Favre rallies.   

Setup picket lines.  

Go on strike.  

Boycott family night.  

I boycott wearing Packers clothing. If Brett goes to another team, I will support that team, even if it's the Bears.  I will not support the Packers ever again if that happens.   

Send letters to the Packers' management, requesting instructions on how to return your season tickets.

This is a community-owned team. Crash the July 24 share-holders meeting.

Demand accountability. Request votes of no confidence on Murphy and Thompson. 

This situation and how the Packers' management is handling a person, a man of great skill and talent who simply changed his mind, is truly an American tragedy.