Is McClain Who The Chiefs Want?

Jacob ClarkContributor IApril 6, 2010

Is McClain the one that Chiefs really want? Lets face it, the kid is a beast. McClain knows how to play football, and most important he is a guy Pioli wants. A player that knows football, He doesn't do stupid stuff off the field(at least hasn't got caught for it), and is a huge leader. And most importantly he has talent, which Pioli isn't just looking for.

McClain can be that dynamic Inside Linebacker the Chiefs need to stop the run. He could be a huge hole that we can instantly fill with the #5 pick, because mostly likely we won't be able it trade down. He would fit quite nicely in the Chiefs Scheme, and it looks like he could be an option, since the Chiefs said they don't like taking a safety that high.

But the Draft has quite a few stud Linebackers. Should we really use the #5 pick on McClain when you can get someone such as Brandon Spikes with the second 2nd rounder? Or even a Pat Angerer in the 5th round?Chiefs need to think of the position they can grab in later rounds and who they can only get in the first round

McClain would be an instance plus for the Chiefs. And would give them a huge boost to there poorly run stopping defense. And he brings much more then just being able to stop the run.

But is he the guy? or is he a bust?