What Would You Give for A.J. Burnett?

John DeerCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2008

With the MLB's Trade Deadline quickly approaching, rumors have been rampant about the Jays No. 2 hurler being on the trading block.

My question is—is he REALLY worth that much money?

Now, I know Burnett has three sides. The first one is the absolutely magnificent, radar-breaking fastball, and the curve ball that would buckle a person's knee from 100ft away.

Then there is the wild side where it seems he took five shots of Jack Daniels before every inning. This is the side where he is easily rattled, giving up runs and skyrocketing his ERA.

The third side would be his inability to stay healthy. He has done a good job this year, but he was criticized before about not being able to pitch through pain. But whether you like it or not, every pitcher in the Bigs will have to do that at one point in his career.

If I was a GM, I would be very concerned if I had to give up grade-A stuff for this guy. He has the making to be a dominant pitcher in the MLB, but he can't seem to lock it down consistently.

Time will tell what happens, and I will be closely watching this story unfold.