The Phantom Fix: RAW After The Cameras Went Off And TNA News

The PhantomCorrespondent IApril 6, 2010

According to reports at, RAW had a different ending for fans attending and was extended another five to ten minutes after the cameras stop rolling for the TV telecast. The report was sent in by a person who attended the show to Ryan Clark at

In the report it stated that Batista was granted his rematch clause by guest host, David Otunga, after Batista walked out the ring. Otunga was quoted as saying: "Dude, if you wanted a rematch, all you had to do was ask me."

Batista then went back to the ring and faced John Cena for the WWE Championship. With Cena still laid out, Batista goes for the quick cover and Cena kicks out. Batista then hit the Batista Bomb and went for the cover, but as you guess it Cena kicks out.

Next there were a series of reversals before Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment and caps the night off with a win, and retains the title.

For more on this story and the source there is a link to the story at the end of the article.

The other major news story of day comes from the land of TNA. Reports from says Scott Steiner is said to be in contract negotiations with TNA and the deal is expected to be finish soon, according to a source within the company. The same source said Steiner should be appearing in TNA in the coming months.

It was said deals for a new contract began before Hogan and Bischoff became apart of TNA, but after they joined, talks begun to die down.

Another TNA story revolves around the young tag team Generation Me. They did a interview with The Dailybulletin and talk about a variety of things including how much they get paid, their climb to the top, and their future in wrestling.

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