Toronto Maple Leafs: Cliff Fletcher Has Sticky Fingers

Matt BowlerCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2008

Once again it seems that the Leafs might be up to their old tricks, signing defenseman Jeff Finger. 

It's boneheaded moves like this the past few seasons that got them into trouble with guys like Bryan McCabe.  I'm not saying that Finger is going to be a bust—but even TSN's Pierre McGuire says that this was a ridiculous move by Toronto.  Why would the Leafs offer a guy who has played just over 90 games in the NHL $3.5 million over the next four years? 

Last year, he made a measly $900,000 with the Colorado Avalanche.  I'm sorry, but I'm of the old school that believes you need to prove your keep. This move was done just for the sake of bringing someone in.

They should have given him a one-year deal for less money and offered him a raise if he had a good season.  I understand that the problem with this is that if he did have a good year, other teams would be in the market and the Leafs could lose him.

Even if he does happen to have a good year, no player with the lack of experience Jeff Finger has is worth this much money.