BYU Cougars: NCAA Football 09 Dynasty Report

DJ AndreasenContributor IJuly 13, 2008

I thought it would be cool to write about my BYU dynasty I'm going to start when I get the game.  Since the game has not been released yet I thought I would do a team preview article for my first article about the dynasty.

Players to Watch

#15 Max Hall, 89 overall, Junior, QB
In his first season as starter, Hall showed that he had little rust to shake off after not playing a competitive game of football for three years.  He leads ten returning offensive starters for the Cougs.  He is an accurate passer with an accuracy rating of 90.

#45 Harvey Unga, 87 overall, Sophomore, RB
Another player who was a breakout star last season.  He racked up 17 TDs total, 1,227 rushing yards, and 655 receiving yards.  He is a great power back with a break tackle rating of 85.

#9 Austin Collie, 85 overall, Junior, WR
Collie returned from his two year church mission and was on fire scoring 7 TDs.  He is a great receiver with 91 speed and a catching rating 0f 90.

BYU Offensive Line
With four out of five starters returning here, this should be one of the best parts of a great Cougar offense. Starters: #65 Dallas Reynolds, #76 Ray Feinga, #53 Tom Sorenson, #74 Travis Bright, #68 David Oswald.

#84 Jan Jorgenson, 90 overall, Junior, DE
He had 14 sacks as a sophomore.

Once I get NCAA Football 09 I'll do reports for each game and list recruiting commits each week.

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