Your 2008-2009 Toronto Maple Leafs

John DeerCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2008

Obviously one can't predict lines. But I will try my best. Feel free to add what you think the lines should be in your comments.


Kulemin - Antropov - Tlusty

With Kulemin's determination along the boards, Antropov's vision, and Tlusty's ability to put the puck in the net, I can see this being a very interesting line.


Blake - Grabovski - Hagman

This should be a very good counter-attack line.Aas Blake and Hagman play defense well, this will lead to a speedy transition.


Steen - Stajan - Ponikarovski

Has the potential to be a nice shutdown/energy line. All can play defense nicely.


Mayers - Moore - Bell

You could add the likes of Williams and Deveraux into this mix, but this line can bring a physical grinding game. As a fourth line, I don't think they are a liability. 


The defense is pretty obvious...  Kaberle - McCabe/Kubina

Stralman - McCabe/Kubina

Colaiacovo - Finger

Frogren /  Kronvall