NASCAR: Is NASCAR Showing Favoritism For American Car Manufacturers?

Jeremy TurnerSenior Analyst IJuly 13, 2008

Now, before everyone jumps the gun and starts bashing the article...know that this is mainly directed to the Nationwide Series and not Sprint Cup.

According to, engines from the Gibbs #20 and #18 Nationwide teams were taken to be used in testing to see if there is a significant difference in horsepower between the Toyota engines and other manufacturer engines.

This has happened due to Toyota winning 14 of the 20 Nationwide races, and Joe Gibbs winning 13 of those 14 races.

Why is all of this being done? And why might a new rule be in the works?

Well, it seems that NASCAR probably wants to offer an even playing field and make it where the engines have to have similar numbers as far as horsepower goes. There have been complaints from other drivers about the Toyota's and their engines.

Another possibility is the fact that NASCAR has always been considered an American sport, and only American manufacturers (Chevy and Ford) have been a part of it. Now a foreign company has come in and dominated the Nationwide Series and currently one of their drivers has the Sprint Cup lead.

This may sound crazy, but I think there is some hear coming from Chevy and Ford because they feel that their sales might hurt from this.

Maybe it sounds crazy, but with the road NASCAR is following, anything can be possible.