The Kansas City Chiefs On Glenn Dorsey

Jacob ClarkContributor IApril 6, 2010

Some people are talking about trading Glenn Dorsey for a second round pick, but i do not agree. Dorsey has gotten a lot of crap from his Rookie season. All these people are talking about how he isn't getting all these tackles and what not. Sure he is getting all that much pressure on a pass, but the point of D line on a running play is not to tackle them, but to plug up the holes. So why would we trade Dorsey who is just getting better, for a second round pick that might be worse then him, and if we trade him that makes one more hole in our Defense. Just because your feet haven't fit into the shoe yet doesn't mean you should throw the shoe away (yes i know it wasn't a good analogy). Back to the point about D line job is to plug the holes. So I think instead we need some new Linebackers. The linebackers we have got, would be back-ups for other teams, and sure they would be good back-ups, but thats what you need. You can't have a great Linebacker, with a crap back-up.

So tell me what you think of my writing, and if you don't agree, tell me why because I would like to hear your side.