Bryan McCabe vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

John DeerCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2008

First off, let me say that the way the Toronto Maple Leafs are handling this situation is nothing short of embarrassingly unprofessional.

On the AM640 Cliff Fletcher was asked if Bryan would be in the Leafs' future plans. Quickly Cliff responded "No." For those of you who have not seen or heard of this, click the following link...

Now, I know that Cliff has no feelings towards Bryan's contract as it was JFJ's deal. But none-the-less the contract must be honored as it is a two partner dance.

Although I am for the dismissal of No. 24 from the Maple Leafs roster, I do feel that there is a proper way of doing things; ways that are not in the ballpark of shunning McCabe over the air-waves.

All this will accomplish is the hesitation of future UFA's to join the blue and white. I mean, who wants to play for an organization that signs you to a deal and then two years later turns around and does all it can to back out of it.

And all of this talk about sitting him and giving him limited number of minutes is just asinine.

Maple Leafs, you signed a deal, figure out a way to solve the problem professionally, or live with it!

Lee Denault