Most Under Rated Wrestlers Of The Past Decade Part 2

Casey AdkinsContributor IApril 5, 2010

This is the sequel to Part 1

Ken Anderson- So much potential with this guy.  Excellent talking and in ring skills.  Injury prone or not, the WWE failed to pull the trigger with this guy.  Hopefully in TNA, this man will get his chance at fame.  He gave Eddie his last match and his winning streak is enough for me.

Curry Man- Take this gimmick for that is worth, but show me a gimmick that can get the crowd on its feet and work a match like he can.  This goes for Chris as a whole, but nonetheless an underrated gimmick.  Curry Man's shining moment in TNA was when he teamed up with Tiger Mask, but Christopher Daniels' was his match at Unbreakable.

Andrew "Test" Martin- Another great wrestler who never got the push he deserved.  Test has secondary gold and a good look, but never had the high profile matches he needed.  His big boot was deadly.  His shining moment was his days with The UnAmericans in WWE or his thing with Scott Steiner.  RIP

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas- These two are underrated because in a perfect world, these two would have had a World Title to their names or at least a Main Event push.  Sadly their shining moment will always be their days as Team Angle.

Gregory Helms- Say what you will about this young man, but one thing you can't argue is that he is a better in ring competitor than his Team Omega comrades.  Those would be Matt and Jeff Hardy as well as Shannon Moore.  Show me someone who can talk, wrestle and get the crowd going that isn't in the main event and he will be on the list.  His days as The Hurricane are his greatest moments for promos, but his wrestling days go to his heel days.  His endless promos with The Rock are my favorites.  Hopefully the man makes his way to TNA or ROH.

There is one more fellow that I think goes on this list, but that will be the Main Event for this and then you will vote who you believe is THE MOST UNDERRATED WRESTLER OF THE LAST DECADE.