Rey Mysterio Eludes the SES, Punk Begs for Rematch

lee raydeanCorrespondent IApril 5, 2010

Rey Mysterio eludes the SES time and time again. At Wrestlemania, on Smackdown, it never fails; Rey wins and puts a halt on joining SES.

This is making C M Punk very, very upset. He figures if he has someone like Rey in his corner, others will follow.

Of course, the WWE Universe knows damn well that Rey wouldn't join Punk, at least not willingly.

On Smackdown, Punk and his two society members, Luke Gallows and Serena, came out to address the WWE Universe.

Punk looked desperate and as he talked, Serena was rubbing all over him like he was her knight in shining armour.

She looked adoringly at him. It's like she was under a spell. Punk cannot do anything wrong in the eyes of either Gallows or Serena.

Serena went as far as to vouch that he is perfect in every way. Maybe there's a little "something" going on there.

I have never heard Serena talk much, but she had no problem on Friday Night Smackdown. Punk smiled from ear to ear.

At Wrestlemania 26, Rey and Punk faced each other and Punk lost. He was in shock. Serena tried to intervene but, it didn't matter, Rey was destined to win.

Again back to Smackdown. C M Punk was nearly begging Mysterio to give him a rematch. He offered to cut his hair if he lost but if Rey loses, he has to join his society.

That's almost a repeat of Wrestlemania, only he put something else on the line and that was his hair. Punk hasn't received any confirmation from Rey as of yet.

Personally, I think Rey may do it because of everything Punk has put him and his family through. Mysterio did get some retribution at Wrestlemania.

This may be a set up for all Rey knows. Who's to say that SES won't hurt Rey before the match so he isn't 100% and make it easier for Punk to win and finally have the man, Rey in his society.

As I sit here and ponder the question, "Will Rey accept the challenge or will he be smart and just say no?" Again personally I think he would be smart and not accept this challenge.

Punk, like I previously said, is desperate and may try anything to get Rey.

Just how much further is Punk willing to go to get Rey into his society? What is he willing to do to make that happen?