Sityodtong: The Strengthining of a Beantown Legend

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst INovember 10, 2016

Sityodtong. Just say that name in New England MMA circles and its revered as holy ground. It has a meaning beyond the fact that its a world renowned muay thaidungeon, beyond the fact that its is run by world class trainer Mark DellaGrotte, to many it is The gym for any aspiring mixed martial artist from the area. Sure there is Joe Lauzon's respectable gym only miles down the road, but there's something special about this one place.

Just to set the stage on what a monumental player in the mma world this gym is ill namedrop: Kenny Florian, Stephan Bonnar, Marcus Davis, Jorge Rivera, and Patrick Cote. But its more about the basement, blue collar, hard as nails toughness of this gym many call home. One of those people actually makes his home there. This man is Mark DellaGrotte. In fact Sityodtong is his apartment outfitted with a kitchen, a bed, and a regulation steel cage. You know, the usual. When you invest in turning your apartment into a MMA studio you know your committed, as committed as Boston is to the Sox.

So whats the secret? As Dana White would say, Its all about hard f****n' work. Thats what DellaGrotte demands and that's what he gets. So no matter how many times Mike Goldberg wears out DellaGrotte's name by saying "and at ringside tonight we have Mark DellaGrotte" Mark's basement legend will live on.