Offense carries Braves to series win in San Diego

James HulkaAnalyst IJuly 13, 2008

Jeff Francoeur shouldn't feel too bad about feeling left out. He turned out to be the only position player who didn't have an RBI today. Then again, Martin Prado was the only position player who didn't score. Chipper Jones was the one left out of the hit parade. Eight starters, including pitcher Jorge Campillo got at least one hit, seven players had RBIs and seven players scored in the 12-3 win Sunday afternoon.

Campillo's day came to a painful end after fouling a 1-0 pitch off his left foot in the 7th inning, but by that time the Braves had a comfortable lead that the bullpen wasn't going to surrender.

There wasn't one singular star for the day as the offense got it done top to bottom. The sixth inning must have been great for the Braves as they racked up five singles and a sac fly with some smart, aggressive baserunning to keep the lineup turning over.

Maybe the only disappointment of the afternoon was seeing a kid in the right field seats unable to grab Teixeira's liner resulting in a double instead of a homerun.

The Braves head into the break going 3-3 on the West Coast road trip, but having won 5 out of their last 9. They are off to Washington on Friday riding a 2-game winning streak. The rest might do the Braves some good, but at least they'll be able to sleep well knowing the bats showed signs of waking up the last couple days.