The Drama Of The NFL Off-Season!

Obee ToroCorrespondent IApril 5, 2010

Wow, you have seen the ups and downs of this years free agency. This off season the Broncos less dramatically have traded for a QB. The Eagles traded McNabb, to a rival team. Kurt Warner retires and now Matt Leinart, will compete with recently acquired Derek Anderson. The Jets and Ravens have drastically improved as well as the Redskins. Even Detroit has made strides and signed a few pieces for Mathew Stafford. The Draft has not come yet, but it is not far away. The way free agency has gone it's not a far fetch idea, to think that the draft will not involve a few block buster trades. Terrell Owens has yet to find work and only a few teams need him. Yet those teams don't want his services. Miami, Bill Parcells, is not going to bring him in. The Browns, and Bengals may consider him. If not anywhere else he is a 3rd receiver. Something Owens, might not wanna live with. Brandon Marshall, is still a Bronco and has been quite. The Seahawks, are still interested. Yet the full drama of Marshall has yet to come. Pac-Man Jones even has interest. He will upgrade the Lions, but please. Why any other franchise would bring him in makes no sense.

    Still in all, I love the NFL and the drama that the off-season brings. The draft is coming soon and the summer camps are not too far away. Hopefully the season is as great as I think it will be. I love the NFL!!