Rachel Uchitel and Tiger Woods: What's The Cover-Up?

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Rachel Uchitel and Tiger Woods: What's The Cover-Up?
Thos Robinson/Getty Images

As the "Tiger Woods Saga" continues on, questions have been left unanswered about what Woods was trying to cover up when he paid alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel a ballpark sum of $7-10 million. For the most part, this suspicious and strange transaction of money has been barely investigated upon. There has been speculation and even fearness of what the next peice of the puzzle will hold in the detrimental affair.

Although sources are not clear on the exact amount of money given to Rachel Uchitel due to the lack of a paper trail that was not released to the media, there is a hefty estimate about how much money was given to Woods' mistress. The real question though is what are these two hiding from the public. Obviously it has to be something that would tarnish both of their reputations to a far worse extent than their's has been.

One speculation that has gone through the minds of some people is that Rachel Uchitel could have possibly been pregnant during the time that she and Tiger Woods had the affair together. To keep from hinting any type of suspicion, Woods might have supported Uchitel recieving an abortion to cover up the affair. To prevent confessing their events to the media, Woods most likely made a deal to pay Uchitel a large sum of money.

If this idea is confirmed while Tiger Woods is playing at the Master in Agusta, Georgia this could possibly force him to retire from the tournement. Realistically, it is most likely true that any information about the cover-up would not be discovered for months from now, if ever.

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