It's not about value when it comes to the Draft

Paul KasprzakContributor IApril 5, 2010

Many teams in the National Football League during the Draft weigh a players value according to their prospect board versus where they are picking.  The fact of the matter is that is usually the wrong thing to do.

Of players drafted only half of the players taken in the first round turn out to be long term starters.  In the second round that number decreases from about five to 10 players.  In the third round it ranges about three to five and every round there after it ranges from one to three players.

Where teams get in trouble is when their pick comes up instead of taking a player , at a certain position, that best fits into what they are going to do scheme wise teams instead usually wind up just taking the best player available on their board.

Just because a player has a high set of skills doesn’t mean anything.  It is how a player fits into your schemes and how hard is a player going to work at becoming the best he can be.

In the end, we will see on Draft day what approach will take under general manager Buddy Nix.