What Else Is There To Say About Kyle Busch....

Matt MercerCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2008

Talented? Exciting? Rowdy? Dominant?

I don't know... but the move that Kyle Busch made for the win on Saturday night was damn impressive.

And with it, he completed a Chicago sweep and earned his 7th win of the season...which is still only half over.

He's done it in every way possible, too... dominant, late passes and in front by inches.

I think we should start tallying his wins by paint scheme. I think - as far as I can remember -  the regular M&Ms one has 4 now, with Interstate, Snickers, and Combos owning one trip to Victory Lane apiece.

Pedigree is due for the next one.

Just when we thought parity was over, Jimmie Johnson wins 10 last year, and Kyle may yet break that mark.

Now we'll have one final off week to talk about how good the kid is, and hype up the Brickyard and the return of ESPN's coverage to the top series.