Why the Cavaliers Really Won Sunday

Frankie AnetzbergerContributor IIApril 5, 2010

The final score was 117-113, and the Cavaliers remain at 60-17. Lebron went to double Paul Pierce and gave up a crucial three to Ray Allen that really cemented the Celtics victory, but who really won? It's April, the Cavaliers with one more win will clinch the best record in the league for the second straight season, and the Cavaliers are playing purely for pride at this point. No Anderson Varejao and no Shaq and the Cavaliers still gave Boston a run for their money. The Cavaliers were down by as much as 18 at one point last night and it looked like the game was out of reach. Lebron did what he does best and gave his team the lead with under two minutes left.

As a 15 year veteran, does Kevin Garnett not see the same thing I do? An April meaningless game? He still stuck his nose into Lebron who merely laughed off his intimidation and walked off the court in routine fashion. Have we watched SportsCenter lately KG? Your Celtics are being discussed a lot, and not in a good way. You're 34, Ray Allen is 34, Paul is 33, and you just signed Michael Finley who is 37. You're getting old, and this is more than likely your last run ever. Please, keep it down.

Must Be a Full Moon
This is just a side note. I've seen lately on Twitter people banging Jamario for wearing his headband over his ears. I think it's hilarious. He's actually done this on every NBA team he's played on. It comes gradually too. He starts out the season without many accessories and eventually adds on. Also for you people on Twitter hating about him always smiling, are you serious? I saw it a lot yesterday. Like I said above, it's a meaningless April game. You're really going to knock a guy for smiling all the time? Turn that frown upside down bro. Jeeze.