Strikeforce: Apr.17th, Why Gegard Mousasi could turn "King Mo" Into a Prince

jason hughesCorrespondent IApril 4, 2010

Gegard Mousasi and Muhammad "King Mo" Lawal are getting ready for possibly one of the most exciting fights yet, waged outside of the UFC.

With the Strikeforce light heavyweight title on the line, Mousasi, and Lawal are now only one large television audience away from becoming household names; and while Lawal is probably the right choice for Gegard's title defense, the question still remains, what fate will become of the champion if he retains his belt against the lightning quick punching, world class wrestler, Lawal?

"King Mo" might be the stiffest challenge for Mousasi yet. If Mousasi wins does he still have an obligation to keep on defending his title? Does the win give him some new, and much needed motivation to stay loyal to the Strikeforce promotion, or will he vacate his title to head for the top ranked UFC organization?

I wonder if Mousasi would have to pay a stiff penalty for leaving the company in the wind, or would UFC Pres. Dana White be more than happy to pay the "Dreamcatcher's" buyout?

There is no doubt that DW would love to get the former M1 fighter in his company, and how far would he be willing to go to get him there is anybody's guess.

Dana could try and steal both fighters from Strikeforce. That is if "Mous" were to lose to the young but superbly and athletically gifted Lawal.

It would make for a nice addition to possibly the best weight division in—not only in the UFC—the entire world.

Mousasi is already gone in my opinion, not only has he stated "out and out" that he wishes to fight for the UFC, he has already distanced himself from the only people that could have held him back, Vadim " Frankenstein" Finkelstein, and Igor, whoops I mean Fedor, no last name needed.

Lawal seems content to be a champion in any league, and rightfully so; he is a wrestler at heart, and he still has some polishing to do to his game, but his punching is spectacular, and the real reason that he is a young, and currently undefeated fighter.

King Mo is getting this title shot opportunity the old fashioned way, by earning it.

My only critique is his boxing stance, in my view it is in need of some serious work.

"King Mo "tends to keep his non power hand dangerously low throughout most of his fights, and if and when he loses, I believe this little problem—which could be fixed with the help of a great boxing camp—will be the culprit.

Dana is going to want them both I feel, so he can keep his loaded division running at full potential.

For whether it's champion Machida, Mauricio Rua, or Rampage Jackson, I feel that White does not want the LHW division becoming sluggish with too many rematches.

I also do not feel that it is a decision where Dana would try and go after the winner.

I think from all that I have heard it is just a matter of time before Mousasi, who has been diligently training with GSP and his camp, getting him UFC certified, is a done deal, and is now just a stone's throw from the paperwork being filed.

An Lawal upset on the 17th would only speed up the process.

Mousasi seems ready for the switch, yet Lawal may need more work; not as much as one might think however, for it seems the former Oklahoma State standout is way ahead of schedule, and it won't take much more to further ready him to fight in the world's premiere cage fighting promotion.

With either an upset of Mousasi or a super strong showing, Lawal has to take advantage of this nationally televised fight, and prepare himself for the huge crowds of the UFC.

Dana however, may feel differently, he may still have King Mo under the proverbial MMA microscope, and in my opinion Lawal does seem to need to adjust a couple of minor tweaks in his stand up.

That being said, "King Mo" might not be as far behind Mousasi as many fans might think.

Good luck to both fighters.